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Andy Pettitte Retiring? Nah, He's Just Negotiating

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So, New York Yankees fans are you buying the 'Andy Pettitte seems likely to retire' talk? I know I'm not.

The Yankees go through this with Pettitte every off-season. He hems and haws about wanting to stay home in Texas with the family. He delays and delays and tells GM Brian Cashman not to count on him. At the same time, he sends out signals that there is a dollar figure he would play for.

Someday, Pettitte will retire. He might even be serious about doing it now. There is just no way I believe it until Pettitte sends out some sort of official word that he is done.

The longer this goes on, the more I believe that Pettitte is doing what he always does. Gauging Cashman and the Steinbrenners to see exactly how desperate they are for his services -- and how many extra Steinbrenner dollars he can get them to deposit into his bank account.

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