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Around the Yankee Galaxy: Bubba Crosby is the centerfielder?

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Brian Cashman said the Yankees are prepared to start the season with the current rotation of CC Sabathia, Phil Hughes, A.J. Burnett and two questions marks -

If we get Pettitte back, so much the better. But I'm not waiting for him. He told me not to.

Could I go out and get a starter? Yes, I could. But there's just not much out there.

We have 10 prospects starting from Double-A on up that our organization can choose from.

He ruled out Felix Hernandez, but it's good to hear he's willing to trust the prospects (thought I don't totally trust him about that). Andy Pettitte returning would, at this point, be a huge boost to the team.

  • What's the Yankee story of the year? Wally Matthews listed his top five: George Steinbrenner's death, Jeter's negotiations, A-Rod's 600th home run, Bob Sheppard's death and Dallas Braden's grandmother. Frankly, the (non)Cliff Lee acquisition seems bigger than the Braden story, though maybe that's because it's fresh in my mind.
  • The New York State Ethics Commission fined Governor David Paterson more than $62,000 for illegally accepting tickets to the 2009 World Series -

The commission found that the governor's sworn testimony about how he obtained the tickets - and his assertion that he always intended to pay for them - had been refuted by one of his own top aides, and was further undermined by officials with the Yankees...

Soliciting and accepting tickets from the Yankees, it said, "gives a reasonable basis for the impression that the Yankees can improperly influence the governor or unduly enjoy his favor in the performance of his official duties."

Paterson will attempt to use political donations to pay the fine.

  • A recent SI poll asked 284 major leaguers which team they'd most want to play for. The results -

Braves, 14%

Yankees, 11%

Red Sox, 10%

Angels, 8%

Cubs, 7%