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The Yankees Aren't Doomed

Note: This was supposed to be posted at 9:00 AM this morning, but instead I scheduled it for 9:00 PM. I wrote this before even reading Kuri's piece, and notice the similarities in opinion. Anyway, I decided to go ahead and post it now.

If I was in an argument with another fan that says that Yankees fans think the Yankees are the best team ever and will win the World Series every single season, I would direct that fan straight to Pinstripe Alley's comments. It amazes me how many people think this offseason and this upcoming season is a lost cause.

First of all, the offseason isn't even over. The Yankees can still trade for a reliable starting pitcher, while Andy Pettitte has yet to make a decision. Let's say Pettitte doesn't retire, like reports seem to indicate. The Yankees would have the same rotation as last season, minus their weakest link in Javier Vazquez. That team made it to the ALCS. A rotation of CC Sabathia-Andy Pettitte-Phil Hughes-A.J. Burnett-Ivan Nova/other prospect is not a bad rotation at all. If Burnett has a solid season, that rotation instantly becomes impressive, rather than just average. If Burnett struggles, the rotation is still an average rotation, which could get a team with the Yankees offense pretty far.

Now, if Pettitte retires that is another story. The Yankees rotation would be CC Sabathia-Phil Hughes-A.J. Burnett-Ivan Nova-Sergio Mitre. Does anyone actually believe the Yankees will start the season with Mitre in the rotation? If that happens, I will honestly be more shocked than if the Yankees suddenly acquire Adrian Beltre, move A-Rod to shortstop, Jeter to left field, Gardner to center, and move Granderson to the rotation as the fifth starter. The Yankees won't let Mitre be in their opening rotation. Believe it or not there are pitchers even we don't know about available on the trade market. As shown by the lack of rumors surrounding the Greinke to Brewers trade before it happened, trades can happen with little speculation beforehand. If I get home from work today and the Yankees have a new pitcher in their rotation it would not surprise me one bit.

The Yankees still have a lot of moves they can make this offseason, so stay tuned before giving up.

Second of all, this will not be a "bridge year" for the Yankees. The Steinbrenners probably don't even know what "bridge year" means. If everything goes wrong during the season the upper management will make a big splash in the trade market rather than just giving up. The Rays became a worse team over the offseason, and the Yankees barely got worse, if at all. The idea that because the Yankees might let young pitchers into their rotation it is a bridge year is faulty. You can let the young guys pitch and win at the same time, and that could be the Yankees plan.

Finally, each team starts the season with the same record. 0-0. If a team gave up their best starting pitcher right now when their fans think they can make the playoffs, that is a blow to the franchise. Every team wants to be this years Rangers or Reds. For all we know a team like the Dodgers (just an example, not a prediction) could start the season horribly and decide to trade one of their starters. The Yankees would have instant interest and try to make a deal. If the Yankees rotation is as it is now after the trade deadline, get back to me and I will buy you a pair of socks or something.

For a team that scored the most runs and had the highest on base percentage in 2010, and will have that same lineup in 2011, along with slightly worse pitching, if worse at all, the Yankees are not doomed.