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Around The Yankees Galaxy 12/20/2010

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The sky is falling.

Or so that's what everybody seems to be saying, since the Yankees missed out on Cliff Lee, Zach Greinke (even though they were never really in on him), Kerry Wood, and just about everybody else that they've assumed to be (or actually been) interested in.  And although the Yankees Universe seems to think the Mayan Apocalypse Prophecy is coming a year early, they inadvertently highlight a good point:

"They have some internal candidates to look at," an NL personnel man said. "Whether they see how they perform or use them as currency in season, they are rich in that area. Right now, Brian Cashman’s got a good team, even more money than usual because they didn’t sign Lee, and very good prospects. Next time a big prize becomes available, I expect the Yankees will be front and center."

Is this really such a bad situation?

I know this will come off as sounding rather blasphemous, but the Yankees don't need every big name.  They don't need a $90 million starting rotation.  And the real competition starts in April, not December.  The Rays are going to be worse in 2011.  The Red Sox added two excellent hitters only after losing two of their best from last season. 

The Yankees won 95 games last season and can find themselves at least a 3-4 win improvement simply by replacing Javier Vazquez with just about anybody and going to Ivan Nova or Joba Chamberlain for the 5th/6th rotation spots as soon as they come up.  If Phil Hughes continues to build on his 2010 success, if A.J. Burnett can go 6 innings a start with a 4.50 ERA, it's just gravy.  If not, they've got payroll space and prospects. 

So relax.  Enjoy Christmas.  The Yankees will enter 2011 with a better chance to make the playoffs than at least 27 other teams.