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PA Book Club: December

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Bullpen Gospels beat out the other options by a few votes.

Dirk Hayhurst has written a fascinating, funny and honest account on life in the minor leagues. I loved it. --Tim Kurkjian, Senior Writer, analyst/reporter ESPN television

The Bullpen Gospels is a rollicking good bus ride of a book. --Tom Verducci, Sports Illustrated

Bull Durham meets Ball Four. --Ron Neyer,

Fascinating. . . a perspective that fans rarely see. --Trevor Hoffman, pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers

He has a message to deliver about the things that matter in life--and those that don't. And he offers sage observations about the nature of celebrity and ambition, forgiveness and family. . . . Mr. Hayhurst is already a writer, maybe even a major-league prospect. --Wall Street Journal

Instead of the last Sunday of the month, let's push the open thread for this into the week between Christmas and New Years.

Get your copy and get reading.