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The White Sox and Yankees: The Silly Trade Proposal That Will Not Die

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"The Yankees should get John Danks or Gavin Floyd from the White Sox to take a spot in the rotation."

I keep hearing this trade proposal in the comments here and on other forums and I don't understand it.

The White Sox's 1-4 are not the Phillies or Giants, their rotation looks as good as nearly any AL team. The perennially underrated Mark Buehrle (210 IP) would be as big a fan favorite as Andy Pettitte if he pitched in New York, John Danks (213 IP) is only entering his second year of arbitration eligibility at age 26, and Gavin Floyd (187 IP) is only going to make $21.5M over the next 3 years if the White Sox pick up his $9.5M option for 2013 (oh, and he'll be 28 in 2011).  To round out their rotation, Edwin Jackson is in his contract year and the ChiSox are hoping for a strong return from former Cy Young winner Jake Peavy.

Their bullpen may well be improved by the departure of Bobby Jenks. They just took Jesse Crain off the Twins and added him to their pen.

They just spent $40M to re-sign Paul Konerko and AJ Piersynski, and another $56M to add Adam Dunn to the heart of their lineup.

And most of all- they finished 6 games back of Minnesota because they went 5-13 in their head to head matchups: if the White Sox improve that to 9-9 they win the division by a game; flip those numbers, and the White Sox win the division by 10, matching the Rays for AL win total at 96.  Why should the White Sox think they can't do that?

They White Sox are all-in for 2011.  They're not sending us their best pitcher, especially not for the kind of fringe prospects package that gets kicked around in the comments here.