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Saturday Morning Links: The Passing Of A Great Fan, And Other Yankees News

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Steven Smith, a dedicated Yankees fan that was one of the most followed users on twitter, passed away this Monday night. I had talked to him various times about the Yankees myself, and really grew to respect him as a fan and as a person. Twitter is an unbelievable site sometimes. At one point you can get into an argument with someone about if Alex Rodriguez is a better player than Kevin Kouzmanoff, then the next second you are talking to someone about your family and life. Relationships grow quickly on twitter, and you feel like you know the person when you have never met them. After Steven passed, I was shocked. I never thought of someone that I just talked to on twitter about the Yankees as a friend, but that is what he became. R.I.P. Steven, and if you would like to read some great pieces about him, please read these great articles.

-Geoff Baker thinks that the Mariners should look into a possible Felix Hernandez trade.

-Chad Jennings has a report on the newest Yankee, Jordan Parraz.

-Katie Sharp believes that Russell Martin's arm will be very helpful for the Yankees.

Questions of the Week:

1. If you could have Alex Rodriguez or Derek Jeter as a Yankee for the next four years under the same contract, which would you choose?

2. If you were offered a player in a trade that you knew for certain is currently on steroids, would you accept that trade anyway?

3. If you were a free agent and couldn't sign with the Yankees, what other team would you sign with? (Assume winning isn't a factor, but team history is)