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Bomber Links: Carlos and the Zambranos

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Speculation from the Chicago Cubs' perspective about a potential trade sending Carlos Zambrano to the New York Yankees.  In Big Z's last 11 starts of 2010, he posted an 8-0 record with a 1.41 ERA, and while that might be cause for "he's still a good pitcher, he just needs a change of scenery" type of rationale, this is exactly why some very smart people invented advanced statistics.  8-0, 1.41 looks shiny, but during that same time frame:

3.39 FIP, 4.54 xFIP, 7.68 K/9, 5.12 BB/9

He had a nice little run, but there's absolutely no way he's going to keep that up.  I'm all for low risk-high reward acquisitions, but if the Yankees pursue him with the idea that his late season resurgence points to him reverting to 2005 form, they are going to be sadly disappointed.

A preview of the Pinstripe Bowl between Syracuse and Kansas State on December 30th.

Mariano Rivera is claiming that he did not initiate talks with the Red Sox during contract negotiations.  He then insulted Dustin Pedroia's height, called J.D. Drew "Nancy" and referred to Fenway Park as "the dump with the stupid wall."  Exactly one of the previous four claims is true.

A gym owned by Derek Jeter has been burglarized.  Anybody feel sorry for that dude yet, or are we all still hung up on the "Minka factor?"  (Also, they caught the guy that did it)

Nick Swisher married JoAnna Garcia.  Swish is one of my favorite Yankees and I wish him well.

The Yankees will sponsor a holiday food drive.  If you're interested in joining your love for the Yankees with some holiday spirit, this is the way.  If you donate 30 pounds of nonperishable food at Yankee Stadium, you will be awarded two tickets for the upcoming season.  Sounds like a pretty good deal.