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Quotes Of The Day

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Over at The LoHud Yankees Blog, Chad Jennings did some great work today, taking down some quotes from Russell Martin, Brian Cashman, and Joe Girardi. Here are some of the interesting ones:

Russell Martin:

I feel like I have to earn that (starting job)... I don’t feel like there’s anything that’s owed to me, especially the way the past two years have gone for me... I feel like I can play anywhere on the field... I love catching. I love it, but if the team needs me to help out or do some other things, I’m willing to do it.

Brian Cashman:

As long as he’s healthy, Russell Martin is going to be our everyday catcher, He’s still one of the better catchers in the game. He hasn’t been, the last year and a half, at the premier level that he was prior, but despite the slippage in performance and the injury and stuff, he still has been at least above average. I think it gives us great depth. We did a lot of research on this guy. He plays hard. He’s tenacious. He’s a gamer. He’s got a terrific personality. I think the fans are going to appreciate the fact that, as long as he’s healthy, when they see this guy out there, they’re going to see a guy who’s really getting after it.

On a Jesus Montero trade possibility:

Our assets this organization currently possesses is high-end pitching depth as well as high-end catching depth, If we ever choose to shoot those bullets, we’re in a better position to do so. There’s a lot of levels to this. I’m not saying I want to shoot any of these assets for trade purposes, but sometimes you have to.

Joe Girardi on the possibility of Martin playing thirdbase:

He’s a guy that, occasionally when we needed to spell Alex, he’s a guy we could possibly put there. That’s what he came up as… He has that kind of athleticism... There’s no lock on who our second catcher’s going to be. Obviously, Cervi’s got a leg up on that because he’s played at a high level for us. But these kids (Jesus Montero and Austin Romine) are going to have a chance to see what they can do.

Great job by Jennings on getting the quotes, and I for one, find it all very interesting. Thoughts?