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New York Yankees Notes: A.J. Burnett/Colin Cowherd Edition

Let's look around the Inter-Google on another frigid morning in the Northeast and find out what is being written and said about the New York Yankees.

I have to start with the whole A.J. Burnett/Colin Cowherd thing. By now you probably know that Cowherd went on his ESPN Radio Show Wednesday and told the world that Burnett's ugly 2010 season was due to a nasty divorce. Which, as it has turned out, is incorrect. I wrote about this Wednesday at SB Nation New York, and it's worth repeating.

This is terrible, unprofessional work by Cowherd. He ought to be suspended, if not fired, for this bit of stupidity. He can be entertaining sometimes, but he is an egotistical guy who loves to hear himself talk and always wants to make sure that you know he is smarter than you are. 

I really don't know what caused Burnett's poor season. I just know that this was irresponsible on Cowherd's part, and he is a guy who should never be trusted when he starts his telling you he has inside information.

Now let's get to some real baseball stuff.

Carlos Zambrano has been mentioned as a possible trade target for the Yankees, especially with former Chicago Cubs pitching coach Larry Rothschild now in New York. Personally, I want nothing to do with the guy. He is the Milton Bradley of pitchers, a ticking time bomb always on the edge of exploding. Fortunately, is saying that a deal to the Yankees -- or anywhere -- seems unlikely for Big Z.

One guy I would be interested in is Cleveland's Fausto Carmona, and I have seen a couple of writers mention the 27-year-old Cleveland Indians right-hander as a potential target for the Yankees starting rotation. One of those was Chad Jennings over at LoHud. The Indians are said to be willing to "listen and explore" offers for Carmona

Carmona went 13-14 with a 3.77 ERA, his best season since winning 19 games and appearing on the verge of stardom in 2007. He has big-game experience from the 2007 playoffs, and is an intriguing option.

Of course, the other thing GM Brian Cashman could do about the Yankee pitching is to beef up the bullpen and try to shorten games. The Yankees need a replacement for Kerry Wood, anyway. To that end, they are said to be in on the "heavy action" surrounding former Chicago White Sox closer Bobby Jenks. I have never been a big Jenks' fan, but signing him would not bother me. Of course, there is also the Rafael Soriano option. Provided that Soriano, who closed for Tampa Bay in 2010, would set up for Mariano Rivera. I doubt the Yankees would have any qualms about paying Soriano closer money.