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Thoughts about Cliff Lee, the Yankees, and Other Yankee Moves

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Let's get straight into the thoughts, and there are a lot of them!

-Why would Cliff Lee possibly sign with the Yankees? If the Yankees did not offer the most money, why would he pick the most unknown of the three teams? The Rangers were offering him the most money, and if he wanted the most money he would go there. The Phillies offer the place that he really wants to go to. What did the Yankees offer him that the other two teams couldn't?

-The Yankees simply weren't an option at the end. This is more of an opinion than a fact, but based on the evidence it seems this way. It seems Lee was torn between Texas and its money or Philadelphia and his love of the city and team. He was likely trying to get the Phillies involved all weekend, and if they didn't get involved he would go to the Rangers, as shown by his calling the Rangers personally.

-I have no problem with Lee's decision personally. I think it was a bold decision that I am not going to exactly applaud, but I do think it's good for baseball to finally get that player that picks happiness over money. Money does not equal happiness, or at least that's what it seems like.

-Lee is not like Lebron James. He did not plan this out with two other free agents and make a show about it. He simply chose where he wanted to play and it happened to be with the team that had great pieces in place.

-While this is sad to have to say, Roy Halladay likely had to give permission for the Phillies to give Lee more money than him. That's sad that these days they have to get permission, but it's reality. Good job by him to give it.

-I do not consider Lee signing with the Phillies a loss for the Yankees, but a win for the Phillies. There is something about the Phillies organization that Lee must have loved, and the Yankees should try to get that same thing. Players should want to play for your team, like Lee wanted to play for the Phillies.

-All of you fans acting like this is the end of the world are giving Yankees fans a bad reputation. Lee made the decision that made him happiest, and I do not hate him for that. The only reason to hate him would be if he knew earlier in the off-season that he was not interested in the Yankees, which we do not know for sure.

-I am happy Cliff Lee is not a Yankee if he only wanted to sign with the Yankees for the money. I am also happy the Yankees won't be paying Lee $20 million+ when he is 37.


-This off-season is not a failure yet. The Yankees just signed Russell Martin, who is a great low risk, high reward candidate. They can easily go out and sign the top two relievers and the top bench players on the market and trade for a great pitcher as well. The off-season is not over at all.

-The Yankees are now more prone to do two things: Overpay for relief pitchers, and trade top prospects.

-Let's hope the Yankees don't go crazy spending money on relievers that end up flopping like Kyle Farnsworth.

-The Yankees should be worried, but not desperate. They should not trade Montero/Gardner because that would create holes by filling holes.

-The rotation should not be left as is. The Yankees should do whatever it takes to bring back Pettitte, trade for a starter such as Chris Carpenter, Gavin Floyd, or Jair Jurrjens (just throwing names out there) and possibly sign a Chien-Ming Wang type if they come cheap. Rotation depth>one great starter.

-The Yankees still shouldn't have gone for Carl Crawford or Jayson Werth.

-If the Yankees do trade for a starter, they should try to make it like the Curtis Granderson deal, or even the Javier Vazquez deal. Either trade big league parts that are easily replaceable (i.e. Phil Coke) along with a prospect that is being replaced by the player being traded for, or trade a top prospect that's low in the system.

-How long before someone starts a blog called David Adams' knee ankle?

-I bet CC Sabathia won't opt out. I don't know why, but that's just a hunch.

-If you suggest the Yankees sign Carl Pavano you will get the banhammer and will also lose your Pinstripe Alley membership card, the ability to buy Yankees tickets, and you will be forced to wear this at all times for the length of the contract you proposed.

-Please don't declare a Phillies vs. Red Sox World Series already. It's December, c'mon people!

That felt good to say. I actually was taking notes throughout the day of what I wanted to say in this post. I need to get out more, evidently.