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Martin, Greinke, Lee and Montero: The Nexus of Yankee Trade Rumors

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The Yankees have continued to be aggressive on C Russ Martin; would not be a surprise if we heard at any time of an agreement.

Thus Twat Buster Olney.

In potentially related news, Jerry Crasnick writes that the Yanks are not currently among the Greinke favorites because:

The Royals have a wealth of pitching talent in the minor leagues, a hot first base prospect in Eric Hosmer, an elite young third baseman in Mike Moustakas and a hard-hitting catcher, Wil Myers, who is probably going to have to shift to the outfield in the majors. As a result, sources say, Moore has focused on adding up-the-middle position players who are close to major league ready. And neither the Yankees nor the Rangers provide the best match for Kansas City.

While the Royals may cover the top prospects from the Blue Jays more (and the Nationals keep coming up as an interested team), the question is always, "How much will the Jays give up for Greinke, considering they just let Doc Halladay walk?"

Signing Martin unties the Yankees' hands to build a package around Montero- if the Royals think he could stick at C, and if the Rangers sign Cliff Lee (unless this is an "and" situation).

As always, if the Yankees are going to get a deal done, they'll have to pay a higher price than any other team to satisfy the self-righteous the fan and media Why would you make a deal with the Yankees? outrage.