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Sunday Morning Links: Rule 5, Minor League Signings, Russell Martin, And Some Guy Named Cliff Lee

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-Mike Ashmore has a nice write up about the Yankees Rule 5 Draftees Robert Fish and Daniel Turpen, as well as the players they lost, Lance Pendleton and George Kontos.

-The Rockies have signed former Yankees first round draft pick Eric Duncan, and the Dodgers have signed former Yankees 40-man roster pitcher Wilkin De La Rosa, both to minor league deals.

-On Russell Martin, I would like to make it known that I want him to go to the Blue Jays, the least likely of his three options. This would impede J.P. Arencibia's progress, not impede Montero's, and not improve the Red Sox. I do think Martin is going to have a bounce back year, a la Nick Swisher coming from Chicago to New York.

-TYU has had some great stuff on their site recently. The main two are E.J. Fagan's piece about not worrying about Boston as much as people are, and William J.'s look at starters from ages 32-38.

-Ben Shipgel writes about how the Yankees do not always get the players that they want in the offseason.

-T.R. Sullivan thinks Cliff Lee will not be an injury riddled player as he ages.

-Questions of the week:

The five best and worst announcers you've heard. Here's the catch: Joe Buck, Tim McCarver, Joe Morgan, and Jon Miller are not allowed to be choices. 

If you were to be guaranteed Cliff Lee does not get injured during the eight years of his contract, would you be willing to offer him eight years and however much money must be paid, or is the declining skills factor too much?