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Bomber Links: Russell?

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As reported by Buster Olney and discussed on Pinstripe Alley, the Yankees have shown interest in Russell Martin. This has led me to think I should probably reveal something before expanding on this post:

I like Jesus Montero a lot. I think he's going to be a pretty darn fantastic ballplayer. I think he's going to be so good, I would have no qualms about getting mediocre production from the catcher spot in 2010 if it was beneficial to his development.

Well then! Now that that has been put out there, I have to admit I'm a tad confused about the interest in Russell Martin. I get that the Yankees are not built on "patience" and that's a reality Montero is going to have to deal with, but are we really about to get in a bidding war with the Red Sox for a catcher who was worse offensively than Francisco Cervelli? (He was. Check your intergoogles if you don't believe me)

Also, something else: Francisco Cervelli is not a bad defensive catcher. I know he wasn't on top of his game in 2010, and is by no means a starter in the American League, but he is perfectly serviceable as a backup or defensive replacement.

If you've been following my posts over this off-season (Doubtful, but I like to flatter myself) you may be wondering the following: Duggan, you buzz killing bean counter, is there anyone you think that the Yankees can get without it leading to failure and waste? Actually yes, but not many of the popular options that have been floated.

Now, the jump will separate the top part of my post from the bottom part, preventing my inane ramblings from taking up too much area. thinks now is a good time to compare the rosters of theYankees and the Red Sox. I hope they pre-make the "Boston Red Sox, 2011 World Series Championship" shirts. I also hope that they end up in the same place as the "New England Patriots 19-0 Perfect Season" shirts.

Business Insider wonders where all of these massive contracts are coming from, and why baseball contracts are so much bigger than other sports.

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