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The Gold Glove Prediction Thread

Around this time tomorrow we should know the Gold Glove winners from each league.

Make your predictions here, and the person who nails all 18 wins a special prize! Also, use this thread to discuss who you feel really deserves to win a Gold Glove.

AL Winner NL Winner AL Deserving NL Deserving
P Buerhle Halladay Buerhle Halladay
C Mauer Molina Mauer (where are the other great catchers?)
Molina (no one else is close)
1B Youkillis Pujols Youkillis Adrian Gonzalez (though Pujols is a fine choice)
2B Cano Utley Cano Utley
3B Longoria Zimmerman Longoria
SS Andrus Tulowitzki Andrus
OF Ichiro Bourn Gutierrez Bourn
OF Hamilton Victorino Granderson
OF Gutierrez Carlos Gonzalez Borbon