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Free Agent Prediction Thread

Where will Jayson Werth's beard end up?
Where will Jayson Werth's beard end up?

Alright everyone, here it is. I have ordered the free agents and come up with a top 25. I did this quickly, so any mistakes please forgive me for. I also considered how much people would like to predict these players. There are specific rules for this, so please read these rules.

Discuss picks here.

1. For each prediction you must include the players name and the team he will be going to. If you want to include for how many years/money, go ahead, but it can't help you win.

2. Any comments that are not predicting where top 25 players are going will be deleted. I know this is annoying, but it takes me a very long time to tally each persons vote, and having to read around comments replying to other comments is a hassle.

3. Any sarcastic predictions will be deleted.

4. Each correct pick is worth 4 points. Whoever ends up with most points wins.

5. No matter how much you hate my order, or think I should have included someone else, don't comment it please. Please email me about it or something. Reading through non predicting comments is a hassle, as I said.

6. Have fun! Not sure if we'll be giving anything to the winner, but it's still fun to win! I'll predict also!

If you have a correction for a pick, feel free to reply your correction to your original post.

After the jump are the 25 free agents to predict the team they will sign with

1. Cliff Lee
2. Carl Crawford
3. Jayson Werth
4. Adrian Beltre
5. Mariano Rivera
6. Rafael Soriano
7. Victor Martinez
8. Andy Pettitte
9. Adam Dunn
10. Vladimir Guerrero
11. Paul Konerko
12. Derek Jeter
13. Carl Pavano
14. Jorge De La Rosa
15. Derek Lee
16. Carlos Pena
17. Jim Thome
18. Adam LaRoche
19. Aubrey Huff
20. Hideki Matsui
21. Lance Berkman
22. Manny Ramirez
23. Brandon Webb
24. Javier Vazquez
25. Johnny Damon


#1. Years Derek Jeter signs for

#2. Years Cliff Lee signs for

#3. Years Mariano Rivera signs for

Remember, only comment your predictions, no replies, no anything. Sorry if I'm annoying, but it took me over an hour and a half to tally the last ones, it makes it a lot easier. Please understand, and good luck!

Discuss picks here.