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The Tools of Ignorance: Sunday News

Welcome to free agency.  Who do you want?

Bruce Weber makes an interesting case against instant replay by suggesting alternate improvements:

  1. move umpire training under the auspices of MLB to clarify and regulate training;
  2. turn the offseason into umpire training session, reviewing weakness and practicing positioning;
  3. make umpires more like players by keeping detailed stats on total plays called, on close plays, on judgement calls and mistakes;
  4. make it easier to demote a struggling/ declining umpire down to AAA. 
What can't we do both?  The list is a brilliant, positive way to transform the game.
And make an ump the official scorer and set him up in a room with multiple tvs so he can see every angle.  If an umpire on the field asks for help, or if the manager makes a challenge (one per game, reoccurring if the challenge is upheld), review would be available on any play that can currently be 'argued' (not balls and strikes).

The Yankee front office really swung and missed on the Holiday party.
I don't remember the Yanks doing one in the past, but it's $60 per person (discount $200 for a family of four) for a "Breakfast with Santa" that no players will attend.
In contrast, last year, the Mets brought in 120 underprivileged kids to have breakfast and meet players (Jeff Francoeur played Santa).
This seems like such a PR no-brainer- charge $60 bucks but invite a bunch of local kids for free for the photo-op with whichever players will show up and a former Yankee like Reggie.  I can't believe the Yanks Scrooged this and blew it.