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Bomber Links: Doomed

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CC Sabathia gives me serious reason to doubt the validity of Western Medicine.  How is it that someone (forgive me, big guy, you know I love you) so unathletic looking can have the body of Adonis?  Per Four Letter Network New York, the Hefty Lefty is well on his way to recovering from knee surgery and described his knee as feeling "great, really great."

While a 7 year contract is a risky move for any pitcher, Sabathia has been as durable and valuable as advertised.  Through his first two seasons with the Yankees, Fangraphs estimates his value at $48.8MM.  His ability to eat innings like Brandon eats Skittles has been a huge asset to the Yankees and should continue to be for years.

Over at RAB, Joe Pawlikowski mulls the idea of trading Jesus Montero.  My Jesus man-crush has been well documented and I think that the best way to use him is to let him contribute to the team as soon as he is ready.  In his conclusion, Pawlikowski hits the nail on the head:

There will be temptation this winter, particularly if Cliff Lee signs elsewhere, to trade Montero in order to upgrade the pitching staff. But doing so would leave the Yankees in a bind of sorts. The available veteran catchers are not world beaters; Montero could potentially outhit them all next year. He might not stick at catcher in the majors, but he’ll hit anywhere, even if it’s DH. After looking at the alternatives, I think it’s better to hold Montero and try to use other pieces, or just cash, to upgrade the pitching staff.

+1 to that.  Up next: The jump.

Former Yankee manager Clyde King passed away at the age of 86.

Jeff Freier takes a look back  at New York sports a decade ago over at SBNY.

Bleacher Report talks about Yankees minor leaguers Austin Romine and Brandon Laird playing for the Phoenix Desert Dogs in the Arizona Fall League.

Hmm, someone on the PSA staff lives in the Phoenix area.  Maybe if he went out and saw these guys play, he could write something worth reading for a change.  Just a thought.

Oh, and I'm contractually obligated to mention this: Neither Cliff Lee nor Derek Jeter are currently on the 2011 New York Yankees.  I'm sick of both stories already.