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Late Night Open Thread

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A little mood music: Steve Earle, Satellite Radio.

I received an email from Stacy, one of the head writers at our Orioles sister-site Camden Chat that I thought was worth sharing with you all:

Camden Chat is currently defending its title as Best Orioles Blog in the Maryland's Outstanding Blogs competition held by the Baltimore Sun. We are currently in second place to a site called Orioles Hangout which, frankly speaking, is our arch-nemesis.
So please, if you want to help me vanquish this horrible foe, vote for Camden Chat here. You can vote once per day until November 12th. If you're inclined to help out other members of the SBN family, Baltimore Beatdown and Testudo Times are also on the ballot for Best Ravens Blog and Best Terps Blog, respectively.
Now you know I'm all about the vanquishing of an arch-nemesis. So vote.

Let's make archnemesism the central topic of the open thread: Who's your favorite Yankee foe (player or team)? How often do you think Theo and Cash fight to the death? Which Batman villain do you think is the Dark Knight's most compelling foil?