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Tuesday Morning Links: Shortstops, Pettitte, Rivera, Swisher, And Other Rumors And Notes


Lots of news to get to as the month of November finishes. Quick month! Links to each article are in the reporter/news outlets name.

-Howard Megdal took a look at the top 5 shortstops ages 37+ for SB Nation New York.

-I've been on the record in saying that if Andy Pettitte truly wants to play baseball and spend more time with his kids, he should either move his family to New York, or sign with the Texas Rangers. I know he has the Yankees legacy going for him and all, but if he wants the best of both worlds, the Rangers aren't a bad option. That being said, the Rangers are interested in prying Pettitte away from the Yankees, according to Mark Feinsand. I seriously doubt it happens.

-The Yankees and Mariano Rivera are a lot closer in talks than the Yankees and Derek Jeter, Andrew Marchand reports. I'd love to see Rivera signed very quickly, especially with the Lee and Jeter talks spilling into December.

-Fox Business has an interview with Nick Swisher up on their website.

-Bryan Hoch, the MLB.Com Yankees beat writer, answered questions about a variety of topics including A.J. Burnett, Joba Chamberlain, and Brett Gardner. Here's a quote about whether or not he thinks Joba should be a starter:

I don't -- not now. After going back and forth so much the last few years, it would seem to be a good thing for Chamberlain to head into the spring knowing exactly what he's doing. It didn't work out as well as he'd have liked this year, but Chamberlain talked a few times about how it was good to at least know which way is up. The Yankees' plan is for Chamberlain to be a reliever next year, and if that's the case, he comes in with some work to do in proving that he is ready to reclaim the eighth-inning job.

-i-Yankees looked at whether or not the Yankees should try to sign Pedro Feliciano. Feliciano is considering accepting arbitration, so this may be pointless, but I hope the Yankees consider him.

-Tino Martinez has been added to the Hall of Fame ballot, Chad Jennings reports.

-Not sure if this is a legitimate report or not, but Frank Russo of NYBD has a source that tells him the Yankees are interested in Grant Balfour. I don't see why he would make that up, so I believe him.

-I don't know why, but this made me laugh. When looking for Yankees news, this piece about Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz came up, and Jo Piazza certainly convinced me that A-Cam will not be getting married anytime soon. (Not that I needed convincing) Maybe I can get Cameron on the rebound?

-If I was to tell you one site as a sports fan not to read, Bleacher Report would definitely be in consideration. Anyway, here are there 50 worst trades of all times. These types of lists always create interesting arguments, so I actually suggest it.