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New York Yankee Notes: Still All About Jeter

I really did not want to make this morning's New York Yankee notebook Derek Jeter-centric. Really, I didn't. Unfortunately, that is just about all anyone is writing about these days when it comes to the Yankees. So, we begin with links to several Jeter posts. Sorry!

New deal for Jeter was never a sure thing - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
I still think everything will work out OK in the end. The Yankees will move some, Jeter will move some, and everyone smiles a lot and says all the right things when the shortstop gets his $19 million per season. It's like Sam Goldwyn said about one of his movie stars: "We're overpaying him, but he's worth it."

It might not work out OK in the end, though. Either way, I'm reminded of how many pundits were so sure, just a few weeks ago, that
of course Derek Jeter would never leave the Yankees. Something like that would be impossible.

Except it's really not impossible, and never was.

New York Yankees fans side with team over Derek Jeter in contract debate - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN
While Derek Jeter and the Yankees remained poles apart in contract negotiations Saturday, a survey of baseball fans found the public opinion was swinging firmly behind the New York franchise. New York Yankees fans side with team over Derek Jeter in contract debate.

Pinstripes have seen mud before -
You have to be pushing 50 to really remember a time when it used to be this way all the time, when the men who own and operate baseball teams held the golden hammer tight within their desperate grasp and took great delight in using that leverage to squeeze even their most beloved players dry of nickels and shekels.

Only Baseball Matters " Siding With The Captain
He’s insulted, he’s angry, and he’s right to be. A-Rod is signed through his age 42 season, and the Yankees are telling Jeter they are only willing to go to his age 39 season. He knows that the Steinbrenner family is wealthy beyond their father’s wildest dreams, and he knows that he is one of the reasons, one of the main reasons that they are. For Hank and Hal Steinbrenner to try and tell him about who earned what and how much it should be is disgraceful. They were born into wealth, they have built nothing. Work? All they do is sign checks and wear expensive suits. They know nothing about real hard work. They were sitting in the luxury box watching Derek Jeter build their dad’s team into financial juggernaut and a modern-day dynasty the likes of which we’re likely to never see again.

Finally, let's get to a couple of posts from around SB Nation about things other than Derek Jeter.

Scouts Evaluate Manny Ramirez - DRaysBay
DRays Bay wonders if Ramirez would fit in Tampa Bay as a DH.

Three questions still facing the Tigers - Bless You Boys
Victor Martinez is a Tiger, but Detroit still has questions.