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Around the Yankee Galaxy: All about Derek

There hasn't been much news in Yankee-land recently, save for one aspect: Derek Jeter, whose negotiations seem to delve into strange and new territory every day. After word came that Jeter was seeking $150 million over six years, it was denied by Casey Close, Jeter's agent. Then it was reported that DJ was asking for 4-5 years at $23-24 million per annum. Who knows what to believe anymore - maybe the 6/150 was leaked by Close to gauge public sentiment. When the media/blogosphere jumped all over it, Close back-tracked and lowered his demand to ~5/120. An interesting note in the NY Times article -

The current offers - three years at $15 million a year by the Yankees and a maximum five years at $23 to $24 million by Close - suggest an obvious compromise in which the two sides would settle at four years and, say, $19 million a year.

$19M/year is almost exactly what Jeter was paid for the last 10 years. It's still a huge overpay though.

  • The Orioles are negotiating with Willie Randolph to fill the last vacant spot on Buck Showalter's coaching staff. Willie got a raw deal in Queens and I hope he does well in Baltimore (just not against the Yanks).

Merchants on 161st Street in the Bronx are expecting this year's holiday shopping season to be dismal, after seeing sales sag ever since the new Yankee Stadium opened more than a year and a half ago.

Local store owners won't even have the uptick in sales that accompanies a Yankees World Series win, as fans return to the neighborhood to buy souvenirs for holiday gifts.

The new ballpark sparked competing businesses and a train station that "diverted foot traffic away from 161st Street." For every pro, there's a con.

  • You'll be glad to know Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz are "back on," according to Us Magazine. Do they have a celebrity couple name yet? Is 'Cam-Rod' taken?