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Wednesday Morning Links: Thanksgiving, Legends, Jeter, Randolph, And Other Yankees News

First off, with Thursday being Thanksgiving I would like to thank everyone here at Pinstripe Alley for being awesome. I'll be spending Thanksgiving without my grandparents for the first time in a very long time, and will not even be having turkey! I'll be spending the holiday with my rich uncle at a fancy restuarant that thinks it's cool to only serve turkey in it's soup! Oh, well, at least I'm with family, right? Feel free to tell what you're doing this Thanksgiving in the comments.

On to the news for the day:

-Alex Remington over at Big League Stew lists some Yankees legends that finished their careers with other teams.

-Ed Valentine (ever heard of him) wrote a roundup of the Derek Jeter situation for SB Nation New York. I want to single out a paragraph that I completely agree with and think Jeter lovers need to understand.

Jeter, though, eventually has to realize one thing. The Yankees hold all the cards here. The franchise has survived plenty of ugly breakups, and while there would be a short-term firestorm they would survive a breakup with Jeter, too. It is Jeter's legacy that would suffer most -- not the Yankees reputation, ticket sales or ability to win on the field. None of that would change dramatically if Jeter were to pack his bags and go pursue 3,000 hits elsewhere.

-Dan Connolly reports that the Orioles have hired Willie Randolph as their new bench coach.

-Rob Neyer wrote a piece for ESPN about the Cy Young-Hall Of Fame Connection a little while ago.

-Jon Lewin explains why David Price was rightfully ahead of CC Sabathia in Cy Young voting.

Out of boredom last night I looked through some Yankees blogs and found this. Shelley Duncan facts! Some favorites:

  • Shelley Duncan is what Willis was talking about.
  • When Shelley Duncan had surgery, the anesthesia was applied to the doctors.
  • Shelley Duncan can make Joe Buck sound interesting
  • Shelley Duncan caught a cold once. The cold still has nightmares about the experience

-Nomaas makes the point I have been saying since about 2008 -- the Yankees should sign Russell Branyan.