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Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry, 2000-2010

I was thinking of a post to write for MLB Daily Dish and started to write about the Yankees and Red Sox rivalry in free agency. Somehow I ended up with a post for Pinstripe Alley about the Yankees and Red Sox rivalry since 2000. It is interesting to see how Armando Benitez and Tim Redding lost games for the Yankees. (I remember the Redding loss very well, though I'd like to forget it.) Anyway, here is the breakdown:

Yankees Records                                                    Red Sox Records

87-74 85-77
95-65 82-79
103-58 93-69
101-61 95-67
101-61 98-64
95-67 95-67
97-65 86-76
94-68 96-66
89-73 95-67
103-59 95-67
95-67 89-73
The Yankees' overall record was 1060-718 (average record of 96-66). The Red Sox' overall record was 1009-772 (average record of 91-71).

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- The Yankees made the playoffs 10 times, the ALCS 6, and the World Series 4. The Yankees won the World Series twice.

- The Red Sox made the playoffs 6 times, the ALCS 4, and the World Series 2. The Red Sox won the World Series twice.

- In the 198 games played between the two teams, the Yankees were 106-92.

- The Yankees won seven of the eleven season series, the Red Sox won one (2004) and the two teams tied each of the last three seasons.