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Bomber Links: Anti-Yankee Bias!

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Robinson Cano probably isn't going to win the American League Most Valuable Player award (coincidentally, by the time this hits the front page, we may know for sure one way or the other).  While some folks, like me, would argue that Josh Hamilton and Miguel Cabrera were better and that individual awards are for individuals, there's probably many among you that think Robinson Cano should be the winner.

But if Robinson Cano does lose out to Josh Hamilton or another candidate, can we really blame it on the fact that he is a New York Yankee?  Tyler Kepner of the New York Times makes an interesting point:

That often means rewarding players from teams that did better than expected. Under that definition, Yankees suffer. It has nothing to do with bias and everything to do with expectations and hardships.

The M.V.P. award has gone to a Yankee only twice since Don Mattingly won in 1985. Alex Rodriguez won in 2005 and 2007, when the Yankees dug deep, early holes in the standings and played under pressure every day to reach the postseason.

Most years, though, voters look at the Yankees’ payroll and justifiably expect them to win. Writers usually reject the idea that one player makes an overwhelming difference on a team stuffed with All-Stars.

I think that's a pretty great point, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's a contributing factor in Robinson Cano coming well short of winning this award.  Nobody really has the "wow" factor when the Yankees (or a single Yankee) succeeds.

Mariano Rivera would like a two year deal and I think he'll be accommodated.

Wallace Matthews of the Four Letter Network likes the Rothschild pick for pitching coach, because anyone that has dealt with the certifiably insane Carlos Zambrano should be able to slap some sense into A.J. Burnett.

This is the last day for arbitration to be offered to free agents. The eligible (ex)Yankees include Derek Jeter, Mo Rivera, Javier Vazquez, Lance Berkman and Kerry Wood.