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Around The Majors, SB Nation Style

It is a leisurely Sunday morning, and I thought we could take the opportunity to look around and see what is going on with the rest of the clubs around Major League Baseball. No better way to do that than tour the other fine SB Nation team and regional sites and see what they are talking about. So, let's go Touring SB Nation.

Mets Fire Scouting Director - Amazin' Avenue
The Mets fired scouting director Rudy Terrasas on Saturday. Here are a few thoughts on his tenure and the department's future.

Larry Rothschild Trades Up To Yankees, Spares Self Aggravation Of Zambrano, Rebuilding - SB Nation Chicago
No. 1, the Yankees won't have a mess of kids fighting for rotation jobs and bullpen slots like the Cubs. The Steinbrenner family mandate is win the World Series every season -- no rebuilding or patching. Rothschild has traded up to the premier job in the game, working for a manager with whom he has rapport. Joe Girardi was in his final season of his pair of Cubs catching tenures in 2002 when Rothschild signed on as pitching coach under Don Baylor. The two hit it off immediately, and are now re-united.

Clint Hurdle's Managerial Tendencies -- Ruh Roh (Part One) - Bucs Dugout

The manager who manages least manages best.  That's my view.  If you don't share it, if you're an aficionado of smallball, what follows here won't bother you.  Otherwise . . . well, the news isn't all bad.(This is actually a two-part series)

Are the Colorado Rockies out of the running for Jorge De La Rosa? - Purple Row
Are the Rockies going to lose Jorge De La Rosa? An unwillingness to sign beyond 3 years might sink the De La Rosa ship for Colorado.

Free agent shortstops - McCovey Chronicles
A look at the free agent options for shortstop and the San Francisco Giants.

Will Zack Greinke Actually Be Traded? - Royals Review
The Royals trading away their Cy Young winner isn't as likely as it seems.

Time to Play GM: Zack Greinke Anybody? - Over the Monster
A look at the behind the scenes work in regards to a trade for Royals pitcher Zack Grienke to the Red Sox.

Did the Tigers Take a Good Risk in Signing Benoit for 3 years? - Bless You Boys
Tigers gamble (wisely?) on Joaquin Benoit and a three year deal.

Willy Aybar: Good Riddance; Akinori Iwamura: I Miss You Already - DRaysBay
Why do we love the players we love? And what makes us loathe those that we loathe?