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Around the Yankee Galaxy: Crawford, Piniella and slow pitchers

If the Yankees fail to sign Cliff Lee, Plan B seems to be: sign Carl Crawford and trade a current outfielder in a package for a starter.

  • Ever wondered who the slowest and fastest pitchers were in terms of time between pitches? Hopefully you have, and in that case, you'll want to check out this article on just that topic.

No Yankees made the fastest list but Joba Chamberlain made the slowest list - 25.5 seconds between pitches for him.

FYI, the fastest was Mark Buehrle (16.0 seconds) while the slowest was Rafael Betancourt (31.3 second).

  • Former Yankee outfielder and manager Lou Piniella has been invited to Old Timer's Day next year. Hank Steinbrenner also said he would enjoy having Piniella work in an advisory role for the Yankees.
  • New Dodgers manager Don Mattingly did a short radio interview, mostly about his time in pinstripes. It's worth a listen.
  • Think you could throw out a pitch in front of 40,000 people? How about on TV in front of a live audience? I hope it would be better than this.
  • Peter Gammons agrees that Felix Hernandez was the right choice for AL Cy Young, and even thanks sabermetricians for helping 'mainstreamers' see the proverbial light.
  • After a successful football debut in Yankee Stadium in the form of Notre Dame's 27-3 victory over Army, the Yankees plan to host 3-4 college football games a year.