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Free agent rankings, expanded playoffs and minor league news

Javier Vazquez and Kerry Wood are Type-B free agents. That means that if the Yankees offer them arbitration and they decline and sign elsewhere, the Yanks would receive a draft pick 'sandwiched' between the first and second round next year.

"I like it enough, so we'll seriously consider it," [Selig] said Sunday night before Game 4 of the World Series. "Is eight out of 30 enough? Is that fair? And that's the basic question here, at least for me."

Asked his opinion of 10 playoff teams, Selig responded: "It's more fair than eight."

Know what's more fair than 10? 16. What's more fair than 16? 30. Better than that, how about a 162-game playoff complete with 30 teams that goes from April to October? How novel!

Wasn't he supposed to retire already?