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Thursday Morning Links: Cy Young, Justin Upton, Derek Jeter, Marcus Thames, And Why Pinstripe Alley Loves Baseball

Let's get right to the news for today.

The American League Cy Young will be given out today. Although The National League Cy Young winner, Roy Halladay, wouldn't say his choices name, he seems to think the winner should be CC Sabathia.

"I think the guys that are winning and are helping their team, I think deserve a strong look regardless how good Felix's numbers are," he said. "When teams bring guys over, they want them to ultimately, at the end of the day, help them win games."

I think that if the award is Most Valuable Pitcher, CC Sabathia should win. If the award is Most Outstanding Pitcher, Felix Hernandez should win. Thoughts?

- Justin Upton is the big name in the trade market right now, and the Yankees seem to be interested, but behind in talks. I asked last night who you would most be willing to trade out of Gardner/Granderson/Swisher and the results showed that 54 of you would trade Gardner, 60 Granderson, and 61 Swisher. I voted for Swisher and stand by that choice. The three Yankees outfielders are possibly my three favorite players to watch, but Swisher is under team control through only 2012 and an outfield of Gardner/Granderson/Upton would be outstanding defensively. Oh, by the way, trading for Upton would take about five players. I doubt he gets traded at all.

Jeter, Thames, And Why Pinstripe Alley Loves Baseball after the jump!

- Derek Jeter and the Yankees are separated by years right now and the negotiations are continuing.

- The Softbank Hawks in Japan are working on signing Marcus Thames. This is especially interesting to me, considering he stands a good chance of getting an MLB deal in a role similar to his with the Yankees this past season. If you want to read the post in Japanese, here it is.

- Finally, the Why Pinstripe Alley Loves Baseball part of the post. A friend challenged me to name 10 reasons why I like baseball more than the three other main sports. I was able to do that with ease. I wanted to see how many I could get, but with some help. If you would like, put some of your own reasons in the comments.