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Bomber Links: The Man-Ban Hammer

Man-Ban's destruction causing change up.
Man-Ban's destruction causing change up.

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Let's check up on some Yankee minor-leaguers in the Arizona Fall League, starting with 19 year old left handed starting pitcher Manuel Banuelos.  In 25.0 innings for the Phoenix Desert Dogs (7 short starts), Man-Ban has accumulated the following numbers:

3.60 ERA, 3.52 FIP, 4.21 xFIP, 5.76 K/9, 3.60 BB/9, 60.7 GB%

He has also given up a grand total of 1 run in his last two starts (spanning 9 innings).  I know that it's a small sample size and all that, but the Man-Crush-o-Meter is still at 9.8 (here's the only reason it's not at 10.0).

The AFL stats for some other folk you may know are less encouraging:

Austin Romine - 15 games, .276/.311/.328, 0 HR, .639 OPS
Brandon Laird - 25 games, .216/.266/.422, 4 HR, .688 OPS

And now, to throw some love to the InterGoogle:

- There has been some chatter about George Steinbrenner's case for the Hall of Fame, but what about his foil, Billy Martin?

- Yankees talking with Derek Jeter.

- Rangers and others talking with that left handed pitcher everyone is so excited about.

- Can signing left handed pitching help the transition of Jesus Montero to the majors by better control of the running game?