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New York Yankee Notes: Boss For The Hall?

Here are some New York Yankees notes for you on an another offseason Tuesday morning.

George Steinbrenner's family is hoping he will become a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame when Veteran's Committee balloting is announced Dec. 6.

"It would be a big deal ... it just would," Hank Steinbrenner, the Boss' oldest son and a Yankees co-chairman, told The Associated Press on Monday.

"There's very few owners in the history of baseball that changed baseball as much as he did. He did a lot, but the biggest thing of all was really the fact he brought back the Yankees and that's so critical to baseball," he said.

I go back-and-forth on The Boss' fitness to be a Hall of Famer. There is the argument that he lifted the Yankees out of the doldrums and built them back into what baseball had always expected them to be -- THE YANKEES. There is also the argument about his suspension from the game, the bluster and buffoonery that was often the Bronx Zoo.

I just don't know for sure how I feel. If I had a vote I think I would put him in -- the on-field accomplishments of the franchise outweigh everything else.

Your thoughts?

Brandon mentioned Monday in a Fanshot that the Yankees won't be interviewing Leo Mazzone for the vacant pitching coach position. Here is Yankee GM Brian Cashman talking about why.

"We’re not going to interview Leo. Leo turned down the Yankee job once. He was offered the job before Gator, and he went to Baltimore."

So, it's a classic case of 'you spurned us, now we will spurn you.'

In case you did not see this one Monday, the Yankees raised some ticket prices.

If you are into CAIRO Projections, the 2011 projections for the Yankees are out.

Cashman does not expect to do any wheeling and dealing at the general manager meetings.

Does it bug anyone else that Carl Pavano is a free agent and seems likely to end up with another rich contract?