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Pinstripe Alley Book Club Giveaway Contest [Updated with Answers]

Update by jscape: ACPhoenix was the first to send in all ten correct answers!

Email the correct answers to these question to jscape2000(at)hotmail(dot)com.  Obviously replace (at) and (dot) with @ and . .

1. Off of whom did Mickey Mantle hit his first and last MLB homeruns?

2. Mantle owns which 5 of the following career World Series records: At Bats, Plate Appearances, Hits, Runs, RBI, SB, 2B, 3B, HR, BB, K

3. What uniform number did Mantle wear when he was first called up in 1951?

4. To what AAA city was Mantle demoted later in '51?

5. What kind of homerun was Mantle's blast that nearly left the Stadium in 1963: A solo walkoff, a two-run shot in a loss, a three-run homer to tie, or a grand slam to take the lead?

6. Why was Mantle suspended from baseball in 1983?

7. Who is Mickey named in honor of?

8. What disease did Mickey's father die of?

9. Who was at the plate when Mantle ruined his knee chasing a fly ball in right-center field?

10. In 1996, a year after Mantle's death, the phrase "A Great Teammate" was added to this Yankee Stadium monument.  What was the original engraving?

Answers are after the jump and comments are now open.

Randy Gumpert and Jim Lonborg



Kansas City

Solo walkoff

He took a job as a greeter for a casino.

Mickey Cochrane

Hodgkin's disease

Willie Mays

"A magnificent Yankee who left a legacy of unequaled courage."