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Another Assortment Of Random Thoughts

With the Yankees up 2-0 in the ALDS, and looking to clinch tonight, your friendly neighborhood Brandon C. has some thoughts for you.

-First of all, Phil Hughes is starting tonight. It is amazing how differently Hughes and Chamberlain have ended up, after being the two most hyped pitching prospects in a long time. Joba is really starting to become a solid set up man (it's a long process for him) and if he overcomes his inconsistency, he has tons of potential (can we still say he has potential?) Hughes is starting a potential clinching game for the Yankees, a year after pitching as the set up man in the playoffs.

-Billy Wagner is out for the NLDS and NLCS after last nights injury. If last night was his last game ever, let's give him some credit. He may be a wannabe Mo, but he's still a great pitcher.

-Speaking of last nights game, how about Troy Glaus' heads up double play turn? Thought it was the move most players would make, but others argue it wasn't.

-Which brings me to my next point. Many reporters give their personal opinion about what they would have done in certain game situations, but does anyone actually care what a reporter would do if he was a baseball player?

-Reporters need to connect to fans. Reporters need to understand that in these situations, they should ask former or current MLB players what they would do in the situation. That's a lot more reliable. Reporters such as Jon Heyman get attatched to the people they cover, as well, and it shows in their reporting.

-For those of you that dislike the way TBS is covering the postseason, I have to disagree. The Yankees-Twins matchup just happened to get the worst announcing pair. So fart far every matchup I have listened to I have enjoyed the announcing teams, except for the Yankees series. Ernie Johnson seems to be improving as the series goes on, so we shall see. I agree about Yankees-Twins criticism, but not overall postseason. They really do need to show the pitch count, though.

-Does anyone know when they release ALCS game times? I'm going to game 3 on Monday, October 18th (my birthday) and I have work the next morning, so I'm hoping it's a 6pm start.

-Not to add bias to PA, but the hockey season starts tonight for both New York teams. Go Rangers