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A Thought on the MLB Postseason Schedule

This started as a post on the importance of winning today- saving CC from a start tomorrow to allow him to start Game 1 of the ALCS fully rested.

Then I looked at the schedule, and this became a post on the idiocy of MLB.

The ALCS doesn't start until October 15th.  The AL teams can pitch their aces DS Game 1 (6th), on short rest Game 4 (10th) and on regular rest CS Game 1 (15th).  At least neither Championship Series has a day off in the middle of the 3 game set this year.

But again, the World Series is likely to stretch into November.

I love baseball- I hate to see the season end.  But I also hate to see the season prolonged like the NBA.

There's got to be a better way than this.