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New York Yankee Notes: A Little Reading Material For You

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We have to wait until after 8:30 p.m. ET for first pitch of tonight's ALDS opener between our New York Yankees and the Minnesota Twins. Here is a little reading material to help you pass the time.

Why This Fan Hates The Yankees - SB Nation Minnesota
I hate the Yankees. I cannot remember not hating them. I think I hated the Yankees before I really understood hate, before I could adequately express visceral and total dislike. But I've been thinking about why - and it's not for the classic reasons.

Yankees have meant misery ever since 1920 |
The Twins have followed three of their division titles in this decade with first-round elimination by the New York Yankees: in four games in 2003 and 2004, and in a three-game sweep last October.

Oddsmakers: Yankees are AL favorites
With the postseason set to kick off tomorrow, our friends at have released a slew of odds and over/unders for the MLB postseason. As always, these odds are for entertainment purposes only.

Yanks See Selves as Underdogs -
Believe it or not, the Yankees see themselves as underdogs in the playoffs.

In Kerry Wood, Joba Chamberlain has found the mentor he's looking for |
In Wood, Chamberlain found a mentor, a person who has experienced the lonely task of moving on after falling short of boundless expectations.

Breaking down the Twins-Yankees matchup -
USA TODAY's Bob Nightengale breaks down three keys to the New York Yankees-Minnesota Twins American League Division Series.

Baseball's big spenders mostly wasted their money - MLB News - FOX Sports on MSN
Buying a championship? Well, the Yankees and Phillies, who ranked fourth in payroll, are the only teams in the postseason this year to rank among the top eight major-league franchises in terms of payroll.

Boston, ranked second, is the only one of the six high rollers that didn’t advance to the postseason to even post a winning record. The Chicago Cubs (third in payroll) and New York Mets (fifth) are both looking for new leadership this October instead of battling for the world championship. The others who couldn’t buy happiness were Detroit (sixth), the Chicago White Sox (seventh) and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (eighth).