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Monday Morning Links: Yankees-Twins, Red Sox,

Let's get right into the links swirling around the blogosphere.

-Tyler Kepner writes about the Yankees' up coming series and how they will match up against the Twins.

-Theo Epstein tells Alex Speier that the Red Sox will be undergoing "larger than normal changes."

-In another NY Times article, Pat Borzi explains that Rod Gardenhire's wife wanted a Twins-Rays matchup.

-Bryan Hoch gives us some news&notes, including about the Yankees' hazings for the rookies.

-Wayne Coffey reports that the Yankees were considering moving Derek Jeter to CF when he was younger.

-Wayne Coffey also has a piece on Andy Pettitte as a youngster. Both are nice reads.

-Rob Neyer thinks that the Phillies are the obvious favorite to win the World Series.

-John Bonnes of the Minnesota Star-Tribune writes about the Yankees for his Twins blog.

-Jon Bois over at the SB Nation main page made up a funny graph about the Yankees.

-Jeff Freier over at SB Nation New York opines that Alex Rodriguez is the real face of the Yankees.

Now, I have a question for you. Usually I'll just give you the links and let you discuss on your own, but think about this question. Has Alex Rodriguez done better than, worse than, or equal to your expectations of him back on the day he was acquired? Discuss.