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Playoff Predictions

All right everyone, here is your post to make your playoff prediction. So that it is easier for me to tally up the standings when the playoffs end, I'd really appreciate it if you only post your predictions, and do not comment on each others predictions. Makes it a lot easier to read for me.

Here are the questions:

1. Who wins Yankees vs. Twins series?

2. How many games?

3. Who wins Rays vs. Rangers series?

4. How many games?

5. Who wins Giants vs. Braves?

6. How many games?

7. Who wins Phillies vs. Reds?

8. How many games?

9. Who wins the ALCS?

10. How many games?

11. Who wins the NLCS?

12. How many games?

13. Who wins the World Series?

14. How many games?

15. Who wins World Series MVP?

16. How many games? (Joking!) Yankee with most hits?

17. Yankee with most home runs?

18. Yankee with most wins?

19. Wins A.J. Burnett?

20. Losses A.J. Burnett?

21. Blown saves Mariano Rivera?

22. Wins Phil Hughes?

23. Losses Phil Hughes?

24. Home runs Nick Johnson? (Kidding!) Hits Francisco Cervelli?

25. Runs allowed Mariano Rivera?

26. Yankee relief pitcher other than Rivera with most appearances?

27. Jorge Posada home runs?

28. Who gets more hits: Lance Berkman or Marcus Thames?

29. Alex Rodriguez home runs?

30. Robinson Cano home runs?

31. Derek Jeter hits?

32. Mark Teixeira home runs?

33. Who gets more hits: Brett Gardner or Curtis Granderson?

34. Nick Swisher home runs?

35. Most home runs? (Entire MLB, entire postseason)

36. Most wins? (Entire MLB, entire postseason)

37. Most saves? (Entire MLB, entire postseason)

38. Roy Halladay wins?

39. More hits: Buster Posey or Jason Heyward?

40. Larger ERA: Shields or Burnett?