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Yankees Lose Last Game, Division, Will Play Twins In ALDS

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Well, that's it, folks. The Yankees lost to the Red Sox today 8-4, and officially eliminated themselves from division title contention. Still, the Yankees may even prefer the wild card in this case, as instead of playing the Rangers, the Yankees will once again play the Twins in the ALDS.

In a battle of #40's, John Lackey outpitched Dustin Moseley. J.D. Drew homered for the Red Sox, as did Jed Lowrie (twice). Nick Swisher homered for the Yankees.

The Yankees left nine runners on base, with the Red Sox leaving three on base. David Robertson and Joba Chamberlain both struggled, and Sergio Mitre pitched well once again.

The Yankees finish the season with a record of 95-67 and will be in Minnesota to start the playoffs. If anyone cares, I'll be getting ALCS tickets and praying the Yankees beat the Twins.

For what it's worth, here are the Yankees' hitters batting averages at the end of the season. Gardner: .277, Jeter: .270, Teixeira: .256, Rodriguez: .270, Cano: .319, Swisher: .288, Posada: .248, Thames: .288, Pena: .227, Granderson: .247.

Thanks to everyone who commented today and throughout the season, and as a small present here are a bunch of comments of the game.

Comments of the Game: R. Lewis with a comment about his ex wife, Nine Inch Nails with a corny but funny joke, Scooby Snacks with a funny picture AND in a Pinstripe Alley first, Scooby Snacks also gets a COG for his quip about Papelbon's pitching, Yankees2 with a comment about Michael Kay's laughing, nyyrocks29 with a great gif, OTRWaldo for some solid Yankees knowledge, and finally, MattF15 for his comment on the awful Mohegan Sun commercial.

Hopefully you stick with us for the postseason! Should be fun and we hope to see you in the threads and posts! We'll have tons of posts wrapping up the season and getting ready for the postseason. Stay tuned! 

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