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Random Questions Of The Night

Here are a few absolutely random questions I would like answered:

1. If you could pick any 4 teams other than the Yankees to be in their division, who would it be? This is purely based on interest, not on which would help the Yankees win the division.

2. Where would you rank Alex Rodriguez in terms of value to the Yankees?

3. Not counting his contract, answer the same question as #2?

4. Pretend you're a player and you have three offers:

Team A, which you have spent your entire career with, offers you 2 years, $12 Million to stay.

Team B, which won the World Series last year, offers you 4 years, $20 Million.

Team C, which went 70-92 last year, offers you 5 years, $35 Million.

Which do you take?

5. Most underrated player on the Yankees?

6. Most overrated player on the Yankees?

7. You can pick any manager in baseball (active) to manage the Yankees. Who would it be?

8. Pick one person (can be a Yankee, can be someone else) responsible for the Yankees not winning the World Series this season? (I know it isn't the case that one person is responsible, but pick one anyway.)

9.  If you could trade Phil Hughes straight up for Evan Longoria, would you do it?

10. If you could trade Jesus Montero straight up for Roy Halladay, would you do it?