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New York Yankee Notes: Friday Afternoon Reading Material

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Here are a few New York Yankee-related posts to help you pass the time on a Friday afternoon.

The Girardi Extension | FanGraphs Baseball
Girardi is not the game’s best tactician. He makes mistakes like every other manager in the world. He also makes his share of good decisions while receiving more blame on various non-decisions than he should – not pinch hitting for Lance Berkman with Austin Kearns comes to mind. Evaluating just how good Girardi is presents itself as a nearly impossible feat for an outsider. Even if he is only average tactically, there are other aspects of a manager’s job that need to be taken into account. The two flaws that Girardi’s detractors seem to be railing upon right now are: 1) he uses a binder during games to make decisions; 2) he failed to replicate Joe Torre’s early success.

Worked and didn’t work for Joe Girardi | The Lohud Yankees Blog
The Yankees are basically a press release away from retaining Joe Girardi as manager. He’s coming off a season in which he was constantly second-guessed by the fan base and the media, especially down the stretch. Like any manager, though, he had a year of good decisions and bad.

Yankees fans want Posada benched -
Jorge Posada, benched for an ALCS game this postseason, should get used to it.

In an exclusive online poll conducted by, Yankees fans overwhelmingly endorsed hot-shot catching prospect Jesus Montero over Posada behind the plate next season.

Given a choice between the two, fans preferred Montero 68 percent to 32 percent for Posada.

New York Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte is considering retirement, and the decision has never been tougher - ESPN New York
"I can tell you there's nothing more I want to achieve in this game. There's just not,'' Pettitte said. "I know now that if I'm healthy, I can pitch for a while. That's not my concern. I just want to make sure I fully exhaust myself of it. I don't want to shut it down and regret not playing. That's my biggest fear.''

Trial set for ex-baseball star accused of drunken driving, killing woman -
His past largely defined by his World Series heroics, Jim Leyritz's future is now in the hands of a Florida jury that could send him to prison for up to 15 years for hitting and killing a woman while allegedly driving drunk.

Opening statements begin Monday in the trial of the former baseball star, who is charged with two counts of vehicular manslaughter while driving drunk in a 2007 wreck. A jury of five men and one woman, plus two alternates, has been seated in the case.

Yankees ties pay off for Giants GM Brian Sabean, coaches -
The absence from the 106th World Series of the New York Yankees, the so-called Evil Empire, has delighted some baseball followers who wanted to see new teams in the event.