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Memories of a Land Without Moats

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Briefly stumbled through one of the local Barnes & Noble establishments this afternoon during a postprandial walkabout and came across this tasteful display:

Just a reminder that Alex Belth's superb compilation of reflections on a dearly departed ballpark (and a few on the new one), Lasting Yankee Stadium Memories is out now, and that in addition to pieces by your Pinstriped Bible team, Jay Jaffe, Cliff Corcoran, and myself, the book is crowded with great contributions from Bob Costas, Jane Leavy, Pat Jordan, Pete Hamill, Tom Boswell, Kevin Baker, Rob Neyer, and many more. Alex Belth has good taste in friends and better taste in writers (he asserted humbly, hoping that no one made any connection to Uriah Heep). We were all proud to be a part of it.