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New York Yankee Notes: CC Sabathia to Have Knee Surgery

<strong>CC Sabathia</strong>.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
CC Sabathia. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Getty Images

New York Yankees' ace CC Sabathia will reportedly undergo minor surgery on his right knee.

This makes me nervous, and I happen to agree with Sam Borden's take on this over at LoHud.

This seems to be a case of the headline being worse than the actual story; this kind of surgery is relatively minor and the Yankees, according to the report, expect Sabathia to recover quickly and be ready for spring training without issue. Still, it’s a) worrisome because any surgery is still a somewhat big deal; and b) perhaps some type of explanation for why Sabathia was less-than-impressive for much of the postseason.

It’s also worth noting that the concerns the Yankees (and everyone else) have always had with Sabathia are his workload and his body type – two things that are both pretty big. However small a procedure, there’s no denying that Sabathia will now be putting the stress of a 300-pound body on a surgically-repaired knee for a ton of innings, a combination that certainly isn’t ideal.

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