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New York Yankee Notes: Girardi Deal Called 'Imminent'

Here are a few New York Yankees notes for you this afternoon.

Yankees, Girardi deal imminent -
A new contract between the Yankees and Joe Girardi could be worked out as early as tonight. Yankees general manager Brian Cashman will meet with Girardi’s agent, Steve Mandel, today.

Girardi not ready to put DH tag on Jorge Posada; Brian Cashman admits Vazquez-Johnson gaffe
"I didn't have a great winter last year," the general manager said. "A lot of the things I wound up doing didn't benefit us as much as I wish they would. Some didn't benefit at all."

How will the Yankees 'rebuild'? | Capital New York
There are, in fact, ample questions about the current roster, from age at key positions to a significant lack of front-line starting pitching. There are upgrades that they’ll contemplate addressing, like adding a starter, and those that they won’t, like replacing Derek Jeter at shortstop.

Who will replace Dave Eiland?
Now that the Yankees are looking for a new pitching coach, names are certain to pop up in the coming days and weeks. The Daily News looked at some potential candidates in Tuesday's paper.

Will 2011 be Jesus Montero's time?
Howard Megdal thinks it should be.