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Girardi and Greinke

With the news of Andy Pettitte being hurt in the ALCS, most fans should apologize for criticizing Girardi on starting Hughes in games 2 and 6. This got me thinking, how many other decisions of Girardi's have been heavily criticized, just to be the correct move that only people inside the Yankees front office knew about? This will never happen, but maybe next time we criticize Joe we should think about the possibility of him not having a choice.

Overall, Girardi didn't do that great of a job this postseason, but if you look at each situation individually, there are a lot of potential problems that caused his decision making.

As for Zack Greinke, I'll make my opinion known quickly. I think any argument about whether or not the Yankees should trade for, or sign, a pitcher should be based upon how much of a question mark that pitcher will be.

For Greinke, in my opinion he is a big question mark. Just imagine a younger version of A.J. Burnett with much more talent, and past anxiety problems. (Anxiety is in everyone, but more so in some people, and isn't exactly curable. You find a way to deal with it.)

Those who say it will just go away and Greinke will be motivated by being on a winning team, how can you prove that. For us that think he will have troubles in New York, how can we prove that?

The Greinke argument will be one based on opinion. In mine, he is more of a question mark than other available pitchers and is not worth taking the risk on. Giving up prospects for him is not the right idea.  For what it's worth, I don't think the Yankees or Royals would want to make a deal involving Greinke.