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Dave Eiland Won't Return As Yankees' Pitching Coach

Was Dave Eiland just fired as New York Yankees pitching coach? Or, did he want to leave and general manager Brian Cashman chose not to fight him?

Either way, Eiland is out as pitching coach.

"He's not being blamed for what took place," Cashman said. "I hope you believe me on that. ... He’s a terrific pitching coach and he should have no problem getting a job."
Eiland was manager Joe Girardi's pitching coach the past two seasons. He took a leave of absence for several weeks during the just-concluded season. That situation was never explained, and you have to wonder if it had anything to do with Eiland no longer being part of Girardi's staff.
"I'm not going to comment on what the reasons are," Cashman said. "They're private."