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Do's And Dont's For The Offseason

Hopefully they're back next season.
Hopefully they're back next season.

It should be a long offseason for the Yankees, but they don't have to change too much to get back on top.

Offseason Do's

1. Do whatever it takes to bring back Andy Pettitte- However you look at it, Andy Pettitte was a star this season. This may have been the best year of his career, if not for the groin injury. Pettitte has given no indication of whether or not he wants to come back, but no matter what the Yankees should be trying to convince him to come back.

2. Acquire some kind of pitcher- I don't care about Cliff Lee. I have no opinion on him right now, other than being sick of hearing his name. The Yankees need a pitcher, not the pitcher. If they want to get Lee, fine with me, if they want to trade for a pitcher, fine with me. The Yankees just need some kind of talented pitcher.

3. Keep the coaching staff intact- Listen, Joe Girardi had a bad postseason, I realize that. The Yankees didn't hit or pitch in the ALCS, but should that negate the fact that the Yankees were solid all year in those categories? No.

4. Keep the outfield intact- If Cashman makes a single move that jeopardizes the Yankees having a Gardner-Granderson-Swisher outfield for next season, I will be pretty upset. The outfield works well together, hits well, and can probably even pitch!

5. Get Lance Berkman/Kerry Wood Type Bargains- I loved having these two around. Kerry Wood was nothing short of amazing for the Yankees, and Berkman stepped it up when we needed him two. I'd like to get both a set up man bargain and a player that could play about 80-90 games at DH, on the days that the old guys aren't playing. Sure, Montero might be ready, but if he is the 80-90 type player can be moved to a bench role. Obviously not Berkman himself, who will get a starting job somewhere, but maybe a guy that just wants to win. As for Wood, he likely isn't coming back, so a type of player like him.

 Offseason Dont's

1. Do anything involving A.J. Burnett- I don't want to hear his name uttered once this offseason. Not in any rumors, trade offers, even if the New York Rangers want him for their first line center opening, just shutdown the rumors. He's a fragile million dollar man, and that's the worst thing you can have. If he can just stay out of the rumors, and get the 4th or 5th man in the rotation spot next year, I bet he'll have a decent season.

2. Make any rash decisions on the bullpen- David Robertson should stay, as should Joba (unless moved to the rotation), Logan, etc. They had a rough postseason, but once again the postseason does not negate the regular season.

3. Go crazy trying to get younger- The average aged Yankee is 29.9. Jeter, Posada, Rivera, and Pettitte bring that up a lot, The average aged Giant is 29.4 and Phillie is 31.3. The Rangers, on the other hand, have an average age of 28.6. Getting younger is not necessary, but would be nice.

4. Make any moves like getting Nick Johnson- If the Yankees are going to get the type of player I listed before, don't make it an often injured player. That completely ruins the purpose. The purpose of any DH type player they get is to fill the bench on days he doesn't play and be ready to play when needed. Not to be sitting in the trainers room all season.

5. Panic- Seriously, it was a great season. Tough losses at the end, but you can't win every year.