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The Mornings After

Player 2010 2011
Arod 33 32
Sabathia 24.2 24.2
Jeter 22.6 FA
Tex 20.6 23.1
AJ 16.5 16.5
Mo 15 FA
Posada 13.1 13.1
Andy 11.5 FA
Vazquez 11.5 FA
Cano 9 10
Swisher 6.8 9.1
Granderson 5.5 8.2
Nick Johnson 5.5 5.5 Mutual Option
Marte 4 4
Marcus Thames .9 FA
Mitre .85 Arbitration (3) ~1
Boone Logan .59 Arbitration (2) ~.7
Joba .48 Arbitration (1) ~.57
GGBG .45 Pre-Arb Renewal ~.54
Hughes .44 Arbitration (1) ~.52
Robertson .44 Pre-Arb Renewal ~.52
Pena .41 Pre-Arb Renewal ~.50
Cervelli .41 Pre-Arb Renewal ~.50


$15M Club Option
Kearns .25 FA
Wood 1.1 11 Option

The numbers are from the inimitable Cot's Baseball Contracts.


Listing for midseason acquisitions = (annual salary/ 6 months* 2 months)-  cash considerations from original team.


Additional players on the 40 man roster under team control for 2011: (p) Alfredo Aceves, Jonathan Albaladejo, Andrew Brackman, Steve Garrison, Dustin Moseley, Hector Noesi, Ivan Nova, Royce Ring, Romulo Sanchez (f) Reegie Corona, Juan Miranda, Eduardo Nunez, Colin Curtis, Kevin Russo


Important AAA prospects not currently on the 40 man roster: Jesus Montero, George Kontos, DJ Mitchell, Kevin Whelan, Ryan Pope, Brandon Laird


The Roster Game

The 26 player in the 2010 column cost a total of more than $223M.  In the 2011 column, there are 17 players and a total $145M commitments, before any options are picked up. 

For the  players under team control, I assumed a 20% raise, knowing that's high for guys like Cervelli and Pena who are pre-arbitration, and low for guys like Hughes and Joba.

The game is to look over the Free Agent list and decide how to spend the Yankees' $80M.  Ok, go!

Returning Jeter and Mo are no-brainers, but both superstars are older and hopefully will return for more reasonable deals- I have Jeter at $64M/4Y and Rivera at $26/2Y with an option for 2013.

That's $29M for the two in 2011, leaving me $51M. 19 players.

My involvement in the Cliff Lee fracas hinges on Andy Pettitte.  If the lefty is willing to return for roughly his 2010 salary (which is generous considering the obvious injury risk involved), then I'm probably not chasing Lee (who I expect will command a Sabathian commitment, say $115/5Y).

Let's walk through the three scenarios:

Andy (11) & Cliff (23)= total $208M, 21 players, $15M remaining. Sabathia-Lee-Hughes-Andy-AJ

Andy (11)= total $185, 20 players, $40M remaining. Sabathia-Hughes-Andy-AJ-?

Cliff (23)= total $197, 20 players, $28M remaining. Sabathia-Hughes-Lee-AJ-?

In the Andy+Cliff scenario, your roster is close to set.  Round out the bench and bullpen with Thames ($1M), Miranda, Colin Curtis, Aceves and Moseley.  That brings the roster in at around $211M, plus buyouts and Kei Igawa.

In the single pitcher scenarios, you need a fifth starter and you have some money to play with.  Would a guy like Freddy Garcia leave Chicago?  Would you take a flier on Brandon Webb or a reunion with Carl Pavano (the 'stache is the key to keeping him healthy, apparently).  The in house options could always win the spot, too- Nova, Joba, Noesi, Moseley, Mitre.

The single pitcher scenarios also leave the Yankees a much stronger bench: if this is to be a transition year at catcher and Jesus Montero will see significant playing time at some point, there's no need for a $5M DH, but a third catcher becomes much more important.  Jose Molina redux?  Or make a play for Ithaca native Josh Bard?

The Yankees could also use the money to shore up the bullpen- either by exercising the option on Kerry Woods' contract, or by chasing a FA reliever like the Twins' Matt Guerier.

A stronger hitting utility man would be a plus, too.  The FA pool is slim here, so a trade would likely be necessary.

That's what I'd do.  You?