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An Overall Team Loss

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The Yankees are eliminated from the playoffs, and will not be repeating as World Champions. Tough to say, but it's true. Many people will be looking to blame the manager, the pitching, or the hitting.

The fact of the matter is that the team lost this series. Not one player, not Joe Girardi, but the entire team.

Sure, there was some bad umpiring, and sure the Yankees may have hit the ball hard into the wrong spaces, and sure the black tacos decided not to work this year, but none of those are the main reason why the Yankees lost this series.

Pitching: The starting pitching was not very good throughout the series. The best performance was arguably from Andy Pettitte, who lost to Cliff Lee. CC won his must win game 5, but Hughes was not able to win game 6.

Hitting: Going by batting average only, Robinson Cano hit .368 for the series, Lance Berkman .300. After that, the next best was Derek Jeter at .227.

Managing: Almost all managerial decisions can be easily bashed, due to the fact that we don't know what would have been the outcome if they did the other possible option. Girardi was pretty bad this series, especially with the intentional walks, but it didn't lose the series.

It was a very awful combination of the three that cost the Yankees the series. The Rangers outplayed the Yankees in every aspect of baseball in the series.