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ALCS Game 6: Yankees 1, Rangers 6

Phil Hughes lasted into the 5th inning before the wheels came offDavid Robertson couldn't get Hughes out of the jam.  Again, Hughes was missing his put away pitch, and 2 strike hits hurt him.

The offense never figured out Colby Lewis and (the common thread of all 4 playoff losses this season) they never capitalized of their few opportunities.

Every year, 29 teams fall short of a World Series championship.  It doesn't make the season a failure.

There will be plenty of time in the next couple of weeks to dissect the losses, to assign praise and blame, and to plan for the offseason.  For me, that's not tonight, but if it is for you, feel free to do it in this thread or to create a Fan Post or a Fan Shot.

Tonight, I celebrate a wonderful season that lasted deep into October.  I celebrate a team that made the playoffs in a division with 4 teams who could have won any other division in baseball.  I celebrate old stars and new stars; I celebrate good years and small corrections and growing pains.

Tonight, I celebrate all the joy and pain and pure entertainment of the last seven months.  No bad week, no questionable managerial decision, no shutdown pitching, no lousy announcing, and certainly no chants from rival fans can tarnish my love for this game, this team, this season.

The trolls will be out - flag 'em, don't feed 'em.  Don't be angry with one another for reacting differently.

It's a long winter, so there will be plenty of time to mourn.  But not tonight; not for me.  It's not a championship, but I can celebrate it anyways.

Comment of the Game: nyyrocks29 -

the Yankees won 95 games and made it to the ALCS, and were within two games of the WS. They just didn’t come up with the bats this series. It’s not any particular players fault. It’s a team sport, and they’re either going to come back, or go down as a team.