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ALCS Game 6 Preview: Phil Hughes vs. Colby Lewis

A rematch of the Game 2 starters that hopefully goes the way of Game 5. The Yankee batters looked far more comfortable against C.J. Wilson in the second go-round; the same might hold true against Colby Lewis tonight.

Game 2 saw Phil Hughes concede his first ever runs in Texas. He'd thrown two partial-game shutouts in 2007 and '09 before that. The Yankees' season rests on him.

- Hughes vs. Texas hitters

- Lewis vs. New York hitters

Lewis had the benefit of not being seen by any Yankee hitter (outside of Lance Berkman) since 2003. He's bounced between the majors, minors and Japan in the preceding years, which could explain his success in Game 2: The Yankee batters really seem to rely on experience and scouting reports, so we might see them fare considerably better tonight.

Lineups below -


SS Jeter

CF Granderson

2B Cano

3B A-Rod

1B Berkman

RF Swisher

C Posada

DH Thames

LF Gardner


SS Andrus

3B Young

CF Hamilton

DH Guerrero

RF Cruz

2B Kinsler

LF Murphy

C Molina

1B Moreland